Friday, 17 November 2017

IAPPA, Phil STUCK in Romania, and GREAT SALES!

Airquee has broken all sales records again this week….!!!! Congratulations to all members of our incredible Sales Team plus all those unsung heroes behind the scenes that all help us do great things including marketing, web designers, all the boys in repairs and testing, our terrific 3D CADS designers in Cwmbran Rob and Ryan, plus the rest of our talented team in Romania. Our amazing factories have surpassed all records and we would publically like to thank everyone including Adrian, Mariane, Erika and every member of their team of wonderful people who create the designs, print, cut, sew or weld them, test them, pack them and transport the Airquee inflatables we all love.

Our leader is in Florida at IAPPA, probably by the pool with a Pina Colada. We hear its 28C and cloudless skies—poor thing!! What a chore!?
Phil H is still in Romania, (has he moved there permanently?) working his magic on our brand new Accounting and Production system, plus tweaking (tech speak for –fiddling with..) our website to give real time information about stock and prices.. More info to follow – stick around… 
(Mark enjoying IAPPA)

The radio is now playing Christmas songs every day and we are all getting in the party mood. There was even talk this week from Claire, our accountant of putting up the office Christmas Tree…steady on Claire, it’s only November!!  Our very sad looking Christmas Tree has seen better days- its got to be 10 years old… Can we have a new one with shiny new balls please?????

Back to reality….if you need a new Inflatable check out our stock page for something special straight away or order on form our vast range by calling 0117 9414918 option 1 today.

Inspections or repairs? Call our lovely Josh and Jade on 0117 9414918 option 3 to book in.

(We can repair what's broken!)

Friday, 10 November 2017

Unexpected Visit, Phil H still in Romania and a lots of STOCK!

It’s been another busy week at Airquee. Phil H is still over in Romania at our 2 factories for a second week, doing a spot of Marathon running to pass the time in the evenings ( yes he loves running) and working on our new computer systems during the day !

 Julia, one of our senior staff in production had an unexpected surprise this week. 30 local children from a nearby school came to the Factories to see how a Bouncy Castle is made. She gave them a guided tour and talk about Airquee and I bet they all had a go on one as well ! 

European sales are hotting up, huge orders coming in, well done to Mark and Sol and to our team of European Distributors and Clients. In the UK, we haven’t stopped…enquiries are flying in for all kinds of inflatables which is keeping us all busy.There is very little time now if you want a pre-Christmas inflatable. Call us today on 0117 9414918 option 1 for a brand new unit or if you fancy something from our HUGE stock page, check it out !! yours straight away !! click this link and have a peep. 

Our Repairs and Testing Duo, Josh and Jade, are flat out getting your inflatables tested and inspected for next year. Still some spaces available…get yours in to us now , call us on 0117 94154918 option 3

More news next time, so stay tuned and watch our posts every Friday!

Friday, 3 November 2017

Engagements, flights and the last fight!

Phil H is off to Romania again for 2 weeks. He just can’t keep away !!  Secret planning for the next batch of Shows in January 2018- INPAS, North and Southern Ireland and 2 BRAND NEW MYSTERY LOCATIONS-----more to follow..
We have been fortunate to have had some fantastic Sales in October for both the UK and Europe. We have never been busier!!  

(The adventures of Phil H to Romania continues) 

Mark had a great week in Holland and Belgium….and no he didn’t bring us any goodies- boo hoo!!! Just lots of orders!!
Big news in Cwmbran, we have had 2 Office Engagements !!!! Jade our lovely repairs and testing Advisor got engaged to her long term partner Jason, 10 days ago, and to top it all, Oliver got engaged to his childhood sweetheart Floss, over the weekend as well. Awwwwwwwwwwww…Love is definitely in the air! 

(Congratulations for the engagements that happened in the UK office)

Lady McIvor and Norman the office pooch paid us a quick visit this week and got a massive order for an indoor centre somewhere in the UK-  ITS TOP SECRET!! well done Ma’am ! Not to be left out, Carole and Wayne are both working on another couple of humungous orders for the New year as well.

Our top lads in the warehouse, Kris, Jack and Damien  have been working flat out with orders, repairs and testing brought in by the magic Duo of Josh and Jade!! 

Our factories in Romania are gearing up to the increased production ready for last minute orders before Christmas and products for the UK shows in January.  A big thanks to everyone in our design team, to all those involved in manufacture, from marketing to customer service, without their fantastic help, we wouldn’t be where we are today..  WELL DONE ROMANIA!!


Friday, 27 October 2017

InflataNation, Shows and many more!

Another week at Airquee !! We have been so busy. Latest news from our customer Inflata Nation- our brand new design has been amazingly popular since it opened last week.  Have a look at their website  if you have a Trampoline park or looking to convert, give us a call on 0117 9414918 option 1.
(InflataNation unit being tested by Airquee)
Mark has been on his travels in Belgium and Holland meeting our Distributors and major clients. Bring us back loads of chockkies, edam and pate  ..from your starving team in Cwmbran !! (only joking).

The last Show of 2017 was outside Dublin. It was the best ever and we would all like to thank all our lovely Irish customers, north and south of the border for their support and their orders.  Storm Brian failed to show up...
(Images from our ROI show)
Sol, our delightful and multi-lingual colleague made a great admission this week….she LOVES British Gravy granules and Jelly !! She must be the only French person that does !!  Sacre bleu !! Sol would like to tell all those lovely European customers she met at the EAS Berlin- the Discounts come to an end on 31/10/17 ..So hurry up and order your Inflatables today !!

Our Repairs, Testing and PIPA team are working flat out with last minute jobs so if you need their help, call us today on 0117 9414918 option 3

Carole, Wayne, Kerry and Ollie are here to take any new orders for Christmas or that last minute Inflatable you have been thinking about !! There is still time.. call them on 0117 9414918 option 1.

Friday, 20 October 2017

The show must go on!

The Northern Irish Airquee Show was the best ever with so many visitors and so many orders. Hurrah!! Best year ever!!

Mark, Phil, Wayne and our lovely staff from Romania, Erika and Tilda were there, meeting and greeting our fabulous Northern Irish customers and as it was the 10th Anniversary in Ireland we didn’t half put on a good spread of cakes and sandwiches supplied by ‘Pat the Baker’- a local baker- very tasty I must say! This year as it was a special anniversary we even had beer and wine, many cups of tea, coffee and banter supplied by Airquee. It was lovely to meet our many clients and have a good ‘craic’ as they say! This week has been busy putting the many orders into Production ready for next season. 
(Northern Ireland Show)
The Shows continue and this coming weekend, Phil and Julia from our Factory are off to Dublin for the Republic of Ireland Airquee Show. Good luck!! We expect to have a bumper show as always.  Bring us back some shamrocks for good luck!

Solene has been very busy with loads of German orders this week. Our Team effort at the EAS in Berlin in September is paying dividends.!! Keep up the good work. Carole, the Airquee Queen of the Leisure Centres has had a stack of orders ready for next year too. ‘Och Aye The Nooo Jimmy!!’

Remember if you want a new Inflatable for January 2018, don’t hang about, get your orders in now !!  We are launching a few new designs ready for the New Year so call our Sales Team on 0117-9414918 Option 1.

Repairs, annual testing and PIPA? We still have limited spaces available - don’t hang about, get your inflatables tested and repaired ready for 2018.  Call Josh or Jade on 0117 9414918 option 3!

Friday, 13 October 2017

Airquee ON TOUR, Visitors and more shows!!

What a week we have had. It’s been non-stop Show to Show.

The big event was the arrival of our Team from Romania for a whole week!  Erika, Tilda and Julia arrived hot foot from Bristol Airport, where they were whisked to Birmingham for the Leisure Supplies Show last weekend. Mark, Phil H, Wayne , Kerry and Ollie plus our Romanian colleagues met old and new customers it was a great event and a HUGE thank you to all of the visitors to our Airquee stand and THANK YOU for the orders for next season.  We are chuffed that you were all really pleased with our selection; such a shame we couldn’t bring more… We were pleased to introduce our brand new products that have been under wraps for months. We do have a few more up our sleeve but you will need to come to INPAS 2018 to see those as we literally had no more room for display.  Carole and Sol were managing the Cwmbran phones while the rest of us were at the Show. Thanks ladies you did a fantastic job!Erika and Tilda have got used to a Full English breakfast since they have been here – secretly Erika loves Porridge and Tilda loves a nice Eton Mess dessert. 
 (LSS2017 // Erika, Tilda and Julia on our Magic Forest)
This weekend Mark, Phil Wayne Erika and Tilda are off to the Northern Ireland Show at Beragh, Omagh and this is a very exciting show as it marks the 10th Anniversary of Airquee Shows at this venue – There is a rumour that there will be delicious snacks and alcohol if you pop along . Julia returned home to Romania on Monday as she had family commitments but she will be back in 2 weeks to assist Phil H at the Republic of Ireland Show near Dublin on the 21st and 22nd October.  Josh and Jade in our Repairs and Testing team have been flat out booking in annual inspections both PIPA and Health and Safety. Don’t panic if you have just realised you need a repair or inspection, we will always do our best to fit you in !! 
 (10th year anniversary with Cooley Castles)

Any last minute orders, call us on 0117 9414918 option 1

Friday, 29 September 2017


Our week started with the Emergency Services Show in Birmingham. Mark and Phil met loads of potential clients from the Fire, Ambulance, Police, NHS services.Lots of techy and specialised products- tents, tents and more tents. The response was fantastic and we are already taking orders !!  Hurray!!
(Our leader in action and our Stand at ESS2017)

Then, a few days later, our leaders Mark, Phil and this time Sol flew off to Germany to the 3 day Berlin European Attractions Show, the biggest in Continental Europe.
The euros have been flying in !! Wunderbar !! We have increased our customer base in Germany and the German hirers love our Bouncy Castles, Obstacle courses and Games range.Our lovely team have been sending us daily  photos of Restaurant food, drink and posh Berlin shops just to make us jealous!!! 
(Mark with potential customers and Sol modeling for Airquee!)

The brand new inflatables for the LSS Show  on 8th -9th Oct have arrived here in Cwmbran ready for next week!!!  they are soooo great.
Come and visit our LSS stand and meet the team of Kerry, Wayne, Ollie, Mark and Phil.

Other news , it was Kerry’s Birthday this week  !!! 21 again… I am sworn to secrecy on this one !!Although I will quote Bob Hope (a famous Hollywood Actor) once said…’you know when you are old when the candles cost more than the cake’ Young at heart, our Kerry, only joking!!

The Cwmbran team are all running the shop while the bosses are away…
Our Land Inflatable stock is at an all-time high. Have a look—they might have your name on it. Call us now on 0117 9414918 option 1 and order yours today. They will be gone soon!!!

Repairs and Testing are almost at full capacity….we always have room for emergency repairs and PIPA inspections.Call us if your inflatable needs our expert eyes to give it the once over… our team of Jack, Kris and Damien and here to help.Call us on 0117 9414918
option 3 today and ask for Josh or Jade. 
(We fix what's BROKEN!)

More exciting news next week when we have 2 more Shows , the Leisure Supplies Show in Birmingham 8th-9th October and the Northern Ireland Show 14th-15th October