Friday, 16 June 2017

Birds attack, summer is here!

The summer has arrived. It is glorious sunshine here in Cwmbran and the Ice Lollies are circulating in the office.
Put that Air Con on !!!!! Ollie, the Sales Guru, is sweltering under this heat and is busy taking orders from our many happy clients.
(Rare sight of SUN in the British habitat)  

Sol , our delightful French Sales Executive is non-plussed, she is used to these temperatures coming from sunnier climes. Carole, is soon coming up for her 10th anniversary with Airquee. Well done Carole, you are AMAZING and have watched and been a huge part of Airquee growing from a team of 25 to nearly 300 people!!!

Wayne is off on his hols next week and will be celebrating his 60th later in June- I’m sure there will be lots of Birthday cake and Champers! Slimming World will have to wait a couple of weeks.

Our Rob and Ryan, the Dynamic Duo Designers, are currently knee deep in brand new designs - I know we keep mentioning these brand new ideas--- just wait and see!!

What of our trusty Leaders; Kerry has been out and about visiting our Leisure Clients round London this week, bring in more orders. Well done Lady Macca!  Mark has been working from the Factory and was only in the office for 8 hours and is now off to Scandinavia and other exciting places catching up with our delightful distributors Worldwide.  What a jet setter !! I think he went there to cool off, they say it is freezing there at the moment! Phil H is beavering away managing all of the things needed to keep things running smoothly… plus he seems to be cleaning his car a lot lately as the seagulls appear to like the colour of it and find it an easy target!
(Target ELIMINATED!!! )

 Our factory is still on full production ahead of the summer holiday shutdown.  We are investing more and more to increase production of our fantastically popular Sealed inflatable ranges and buildings and with the new Laser cutting machine-making 4 in total, will increase production of our stitched ranges too. 
Remember there are still a few production slots to order new inflatables and games in time for August! What are you waiting for??? Call now or visit and buy from available stock delivered to your door within 48 hours! 

Friday, 9 June 2017

Rain rain, elections and visitors in Romania

Phew, what a wet and windy week in Cwmbran it has been. The weather has taken a turn for the worse…..nevertheless, our Sales Team of Carole, Ollie, Wayne, Sol and Kerry have been out and about taking orders, dealing with Leisure Centre clients, new designs (top secret) for the upcoming shows…

Josh in our Repairs and Testing Department has been making sure all of our clients have had their inflatables checked and repaired ready for the busy Summer season.
Do you need an urgent PIPA or H&S inspection, don’t delay, give Josh a call today on 0117 9414 918 REPAIRS OPTION.

Kerry in particular, with her PA Norman the Patterdale have been up and down the land this week meeting clients and discussing deals; Norman really gets about, he was lucky enough to be shown around an old Steel Foundry in the North and the client was happy to walk with him whilst Kerry ‘papped away’ taking pictures and videos….
Norman, in light of the elections taking place this week, has been out and about meeting the voters, discussing policies and doing tv interviews!! 
Vote for Norman the Patterdale!!  Norman for Prime Minster!!! 

Our Factory colleagues in Romania have had a nice few days off with TWO back to back Bank Holidays. Lucky peeps.  They all deserve the rest - Now back to work making those beautiful inflatables for the world !!  Our lovely colleagues are working flat out again to make sure the orders are completed before the summer break in August. Exciting things have happened at Sfantu Gheorghe as Airquee expands yet again with the installation of ANOTHER cutting machine; making now FOUR in total to keep up with the ever growing demand for Airquee inflatables. 
(Preparing for dispatch!)
This week the Factories had visitors from 4 groups of children, from the  local schools. They had the chance to see the factory and to have a peek into the world of inflatables. They really enjoyed playing on our Play'n'Slide Party, Bungee Run and a  Jungle Obstacle Course. 

The happening took place in 2 different days as there were more then 25 children at at time! They've been all rewarded with snacks and drinks after their exhausting activities. It was a success!!

That’s all folks! Let’s hope the Sun has his hat on next week! Stay tuned! 

Friday, 2 June 2017

Weight loss, summer prep and a lot more !

Hello everyone from a hot and sunny Airquee HQ. The sun eventually came out in Wales this week and phew what a  scorcher today.
We had to put the Air Con On !!!!! Grass NEEDS CUTTING!!!

Our HQ is bursting at the seams with brand new Inflatables ready to be dispatched to our eager clients. It is utter chaos !! The Boys in Dispatch are in total control. It’s like a well-oiled machine out there…

Our factory In Romania is gearing up for the Summer shutdown in August and our awesome Team are working round the clock to make sure the orders are made and delivered in time for the summer holidays. If you have any orders to place- don’t hang about- get them in !!!!
Our dear leader Kerry has become an Essex Girl for a week.. high heels, fake tan and lip gloss (only joking ot all you lovely lasses from Essex) —off to meet our Commercial and Leisure clients and  get loads of orders- you go girl…!! Bring us back sticks of rock just as you did when you went to Barry island ! 
(Directly from our 2nd Factory)

Our Josh, King of Repairs and Testing is rushed off his feet with existing and brand new clients looking for that extra special service.
If you have any repairs or health and safety inspections- give us a call and get your units checked out before the holidays !!!! 
(We can fix what's broken!)

Our designers Rob and Ryan and the dozens of designers who work in our Factory are beavering away, creating new and exciting inflatables ready for the Shows later in the year. I am sworn to secrecy- all I will say is that, like every year, you will be knocked out with our brand new inflatable designs and innovation to the extreme!

Wayne has continued to be a Slimming World Super Star. Another 2 pounds lost this week. 24 pounds so far… he has even donned a ghastly pair of shorts today to get air to those hairy legs. 

(Wayne is getting there!)
Carole and Ollie are both rushed off their feet with orders and interest across the globe.
Sol, our Frenchie, not content with a week in Malta she decided she needs a bit more sun so has flown to Paris for a few more days in the heat. Formidable !

Finally, we launched this week, why not check it out- MORE NEWS TO FOLLOW !!!

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Birthday cakes, weight loss and mud!

·        Yesterday was Phil Hartell’s Birthday! – we can’t really say how old he is, but there were rumours about his retirement and buying a mobility scooter- ahha just JOKING Phil!
(Phil enjoying his cakes!)

·         Solene, our European sales executive, is having a well-earned rest and she’s off to Malta than off to Paris, for a few days. Mais oui!

·         When it comes down to business, Carole, Wayne and Ollie are hard at it dealing with the last minute rush with our Hirers and Leisure Centres to be ready for the summer season!  Our Factories are at full capacity now making our excellent range of inflatables for the 4 corners of the world. Our production slots are filling in rapidly, but we have stock ready to go so we encourage you to check our website for stock( )  and check out our e-Range stock as well, we have plenty for you all, and our website is up to date! ( )

·         On a fun note, Wayne is doing well at Slimming World- he is already getting into a slimmer version – he will not reveal how much he lost! PS he ate one of Phil’s Birthday Cake!!! (you cheater!) Clare, has just come back from a few days Hen party is Ibiza. She’s fine, well and recharged ready to do her best as always! And in one piece, but we’re not sure about her Friends!
(Wayne showing off !!)

·         Mark is tucked away somewhere writing marketing text for our amazing .com website so watch this space for a launch!

·         As usual Kerry is up to her crazy antics and recently took part in a Muddy Dog Challenge 5K assault course with our CEO Norman the Patterdale- The fun just never stops!
(Kerry and Norman during the 5k Challenge)

·         We’re sorry that we haven’t posted in a while for all our blog fans! We are working on something exciting which we cant wait to see how you react to it! See you in the next blog post!

Friday, 24 March 2017

Another day another penny!

Another weekanother Pound, another Euro! Two of our beloved leaders have been on a Top Secret mission to Belgium, Holland and France! AGAIN! Two weeks on the trot, some say it might be something to do with solar panels? (interesting...) It is so exciting for us, more to follow as we get more details!  
As of Kerry and Mark, well..they are stocking up on those fabulous Belgian chocolates.. AGAIN! We hope they bring some back to Blighty as the Troops need treats! (Special request from Wayne- for some soft centres- remember that he lost a filling at the last show, eating on some Airquee toffee! Ha ha!)

Whilst Kerry and Mark on their jollies, I mean work trips; Phil H is holding the fort at AQ UK HQ and is inundated with Nickelodeon artwork and characters… smart move by Airquee as our Global customers are loving the crispness of the artwork, watch this space as I have seen the amazing Box Jump & Slide in Paw Patrol….
Holiday is over for Ollie! He’s back from his week of retreat to Mid Wales, fresh and ready to be back at it, that is a lie as he is STILL yawning…. Too many lie-ins me thinks…!  As a side note, he didn’t sell the Fishing Retreat a Pool inflatable, at least not YET!  But fingers crossed Ollie, there is still time!.  Carole and Wayne are hard at it with last minute purchasing from our Leisure clients ready for the rapidly approaching Easter Holidays!  The new 15m Whirligig has caused a sensational storm of interest…  After enjoying St Patrick’s Day our fantastic Irish customers are stocking up on inflatables just in time for the celebratory Holy Communion and Confirmation period.  Remember there is always Airquee Online erange inflatables for those last minute bookings with same day collection and next day delivery.

Josh in Repairs and Testing is flat out with PIPA tagging, Annual Inspections and is learning the business really fast! Go JOSH! We always have room for an emergency repair –cheeky advertising!   On the other hand, poor Sol is recovering from a twisted ankle, she loves her Basketball so much but this proves that exercise is not always good for you.   Mind you, our Feisty French Exec isn’t going down that easily and has set herself up at home to work to ensure that her French, German, Spanish, Belgian, Estonian...-oh wait i should have said EUROPEAN haha-, customers still receive her Gallic charm over the phone. 
(Krzysiek and Jacek doing what they do BEST)

Stay tuned for the next week’s blog, as we always try to bring you news about our lovely world of Airquee inflatables. Make sure you follow us on every social media platform as we post with regularity and you might see something you didn’t know you needed!

Friday, 17 March 2017

Nickelodeon, Wayne's fit and many more!

What a busy week at Airquee!!!  Our European neighbours got a taster of Airquee and our superb Nickelodeon range in Holland and Belgium last week and they loved them.
The locals were astounded by the crisp artwork the units and we are already doing a roaring trade. Kerry has still not recovered from her travels, missing with all the Nickeoldeon celebs is not easy as they all came along to the Open Day to try out their own branded inflatables .  Kerry and Mark are off again next week to the Continent on another top secret mission. More on this one to follow; something to do with solar panels…
(Nickelodeon Open days In Belgium)

 Our new boy Josh is doing fantastically well with our leisure centre and hirer customers with a rush of Annual Inspections, PIPA certifications and H&S inspections galore.
BOOK early to avoid disappointment !!!!  The Airquee Cwmbran Repairs and Testing team, led by Kris, Jack and Damien are all doing a grand job.  If you are ever passing our HQ at Cwmbran NP44 7XB, drop by, have a cuppa and take a look around our fully equipped Showroom; bring the family as children are our best critics.

Oliver is taking a well-earned rest this week with his girlfriend at a Fishing retreat in Carmarthenshire. I bet he is sizing up the lake for an Inflatable!!!
Wayne is contemplating his 60th birthday in a couple of months’ time… there is life in the old timer yet as you can see from his moment of fame in the 3-in-1 Sports Game photos !! He is there, reliable as ever to answer any questions you fire at him. Carole is, as always, another of our inflatable experts; actually thinking about it she must be coming up to a big anniversary of time served at Airquee… need to look into that. If you want to know anything about a Pool Inflatable, an Obstacle Couse or Bouncy castle- Wayne or Carole are on hand to help. 

(Wayne on the far left, and Ollie throwing some bbal)

In Romania, Erika and her team are always available with Production or any despatch questions. Big hand for Erika !!! Remember this is just the start of the busiest period for the factory and we are already flat out so please have some patience if we are not coming back to you as quick as you would like :)!

A big thank you to Viktor, our unsung hero who looks after our websites, our Facebook Posts and generally keeps us on the internet straight and narrow.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Europe, Nickelodeon and Orders!

This week was busy, busy, busy as usual for Airquee. Nickelodeon European launch is taking place in Amsterdam, Holland this weekend. The Dutch need to WATCH OUT- because KERRY, is about! ( and she’s all out for business!).  Our fantastic Nickelodeon licensed bouncy castle range will hit the European market across next week...EXCITING news  and we can’t wait for bigger and better things to come with more characters being introduced as time passes... watch this space! 
(Open Days in Holland at one of our Distributors)
Mark and Kerry are waving the Airquee flag across the Netherlands and Belgium over the next few days with lots of Customer visits, orders and sales potential! Enjoying the local delights, no DOUBT.. Waffles, Chips and Chocolate-  not all at same time, we hope (haha)!!
 Our International Sales Exec, Solene, is hitting the German and the Swiss markets this week. We’re hoping to expand our relations even further in Europe, and Sol is the right person for the job!! You GO GIRL!

Carole, Wayne and Ollie are swamped with incoming enquiries from social media and last minute orders before for Easter from Leisure venues, commercial clients and Hirers! 

Meanwhile- our UK based Senior designers, Rob and Ryan are creating brand new inflatable innovations for the upcoming season, all hush-hush of course (but we’ll be soooo excited to show you soon).

The 8th of March is International Woman’s day, and in Romania where the tradition is to hand out fresh flowers to every lady you know –our case work with!  A symbol of Springtime and respect towards our female colleagues! Nice touch! Our Factory Director, Adrian is spoiling the ladies rotten; he even Skype'd some flowers to Kerry!! 

For more adventures and news stay tuned for next week!